The old ball game

Garrick Ng
June 6, 2011

Enthusiastic fans lined the stands everywhere, donned in green and yellow attire. The sound of drums could be heard from below, along with the chant, “Let’s go, Oakland,” reverberating throughout the stadium while the player was at bat. The score was 5-2, with the Red Socks leading. It was the eighth inning and the bases were loaded with two outs, two strikes, and four balls. If the A’s could make a home run, their seemingly despairing situation would be turned completely around. The atmosphere was thick and tense, almost tangible. Fans who had previously thought the game a goner looked on with a bit of renewed hope. As the pitcher was about to throw the ball, I held my breath. The ball flew towards the batter and collided against the bat with a loud thud and went flying…upwards. It was a fly ball. Groans resonated in the stadium; all hope was lost. The ball fell neatly into the player’s glove, and the batter was out.
            It was the first baseball game I had ever attended, or rather, of any sport in fact. I enjoyed playing baseball, but found it to be probably the most boring of all sports to watch on TV. I didn’t believe going to the actual game would make any difference, but hey, it would get me out of three periods and missing class was always welcomed with open arms. By the time we got to the stadium, I was a bit hungry for a little something, but seeing the price of just water held me back. $3.50 for a bottle of water? That’s practically extortion! I didn’t have the patience to wait ten to fifteen minutes in the long lines anyways.
I found my way back to my seat and looked onward towards the green field and took out my glasses. I’m blind as a bat, but wearing glasses is just a pain. And for a while, I did find it dull, that is, at first. But with Coco Crisp hitting the first home run and the Red Socks hitting another, getting in four runs, it began to get interesting and I soon found myself immersed in the game. The score was 1-5, and it wasn’t looking too good. I was hoping for the A’s to emerge victorious, not completely abandoning hope until the last inning. But alas, as was predictable, the A’s lost, 3-5. I’m not exactly a big fan of the A’s, but having absorbed myself into the game, I still found myself to be quite disappointed.

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