The A’s game

Amber Yao
May 10, 2011

            Journalism has taken up more of my free time than I thought possible. It’s made me learn how to use Photo Shop and InDesign on the computer and forced me to talk to strangers. But over the past year I have become a lot closer to many of the people in my 6th period class, so I was excited to be able to go on this trip to the Oakland Coliseum – which was the last field trip I would ever go on – with them.

            The walk to the BART station and the ride there were thoroughly uneventful, but I was so thankful to miss the two hardest classes in my schedule. On the bridge between the BART station and the Coliseum, we watched people buying and selling extra tickets to that day’s game. After finding our seats, a few of us went to go buy lunch and on the way back we got ourselves a little lost since we couldn’t remember what our seat numbers were. When we finally got back to the group, we were all ready to watch the game. And then it started raining. At first, I thought it was just a drizzle, but then it picked up. Most people who were sitting out in the open left, but I was determined to stay where I was, so I got rained on for 15 minutes.

            In the end, the A’s lost and I got a cold, but it was worth it to spend a few hours away from school and celebrate the fact that my last year of high school was coming to an end.

 “Remember that time we went to a baseball game and it rained?” – Mr. Skillings

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