Matthew Huynh, Boys Varsity Volleyball

April 19, 2011

In the boys varsity volleyball game this week against Moreau Catholic, Matthew Huynh had his career high with 11 kills. Huynh also helped out his team with 8 digs and 3 assists, leading the Huskies to a 3-1 victory against the Mariners. In the first set, the senior striker put up 5 of his 11 kills and closed that first set with his best kill of the night. Hopefully Huynh can lead the Huskies to back-to-back victories against their next opponent; which is the Mission San Jose Warriors. The Warriors are first in MVAL rankings and haven’t lost a league game yet. In the Huskies last game with the Warriors, the huskies played poorly and lost 3-0 at the Warriors’ house. Now the Huskies are trying to seek revenge by playing the Warriors next week on Tuesday, April 19th.

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