Link Crew launches freshmen to success

Anterpreet Kaur
December 17, 2009

Link crew hosted its third academic follow-up, Dec. 9. Link Crew is a group of upperclassmen dedicated in guiding the freshmen class through their first year of high school. Link Crew leader senior Alfonso Bonilla coordinated the event after participating in the past.

“It was actually quite stressful trying to make sure everything turns out right. [However] the end result is always worth it,” Bonilla said. “Just like last spring, many freshmen, along with the teachers, enjoyed the games a lot. The link crew members also had a great time.”

This year the members improved the event by involving more classes so fewer freshmen were left out. In the Academic Follow-up, the freshmen class learned high school skills through games and lectures.

“I especially liked the beneficial advice that the senior link crew members gave to the class,” freshmen Shubreen Kaur said.

One game that freshmen played was human tic-tac-toe.

“It emphasizes competition and cooperation for them to succeed in high school,” said Bonilla.

The ultimate goal of the tic-tac-toe game was to teach important success skills for high school. Link Crew members also focused on some other common high school survival techniques, such as time management.

“All the stuff that it took upperclassmen a little while to learn, we want it to be available for them now,” Bonilla said.

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