“Winter Ball?” Huskies find creative ways to ask

Gaurav Desai (11) asks Ayesha Ruprell(11) to Winter Ball.

Photo Credit: Ninon Becquart

Guarav Desai (11) asks Ayesha Ruprell (11) to Winter Ball.

December 9, 2010

Ninon Becquart

During a certain week of December, flowers are in abundance at Washington. Boys, both brave and bold, carry around bouquets until the girls are proudly clutching them in their arms.  It’s the same with posters. They’re seen all around campus, and held by girls and boys.  All the posters have two words in common followed by a question mark: “Winter Ball”. I decided to ask Huskies about the creative ways they found to ask their dream date to Winter Ball.

For example, Grant Perry, a junior, put goldfish on his date’s porch and had signs that said, “Of all of the fish in the sea, will you go to Winter Ball with me?” He then gave her roses, and she, fortunately for him, said yes.

Sammy Steadman, another junior, was very surprised when she was asked.

“So it was our sixth month anniversary and he was taking me to dinner,” she explained.

Her boyfriend, Nick Ravenscroft, a senior, wanted to take her somewhere nice for their anniversary, while Steadman simply wanted to go to Panera Bread.  He finally agreed to go, but warned her that they couldn’t leave for twenty minutes in order to raise his girlfriend’s suspicions.  However, nothing happened at Panera, but while walking back to his car, he mentioned that he had problems with his car. In order to make the bad luck seem real, Ravenscroft  figured out how to make it seem his car was going haywire by purposely taking his foot off the clutch, which made his car break down at random places while they drove back to his home.

“I was getting hecka freaked out!” Steadman exclaimed. It only got scarier.

About a mile from his home, Ravenscroft then made the car buck six times, and the radio even changed stations. He told Sammy to stay in the car, opened the car, and waved his hands as if there was smoke.  Steadman was nervous and  got ready to run out to get her car. That’s when her boyfriend admitted that his car was fine, and revealed a sign that said “Winterball”.

“I thought he was going to do something to my house,” Steadman recalls. She said yes, and admires her boyfriend’s creativity.

However, just simply asking verbally can be a surprise like when Mary Chan, a freshman, was asked to Winter Ball.

“I was surprised,” Mary says, “I didn’t see it coming.  He just came out and asked.”

Mary was eating lunch with her friend when he asked her. Fortunately for her date, she accepted to go with him. She believes that the best way to ask someone to Winter Ball is by doing something special and sweet.

She comments, “I wish he did something more special and different.”

Others were too shy to ask, but were simply excited that others are attending Winter Ball. Nico Belingheri, a junior who currently does not attend Washington, received a guest pass from her best friend. She jumped at the chance to see all of her old friends again.  At the last second, the girl she liked was transferred to Washington, so Nico got the chance to tell her crush that she was going to the dance, and she is now her unofficial date. This made Nico very happy, though she didn’t actually ask her, because of feeling shy.

Huskies, regardless if they’re upperclassmen or lowerclassmen, all had creative ideas for asking their dates to Winter Ball. Most guys asked girls, though girls definitely asked guys, and girls even asked other girls. (As well as boys asking boys). Winter Ball was a chance for Huskies to really demonstrate their creativity this year.