Holiday shopping

Holiday shopping

Photo Credit: Nishita Battula

Some of the writer's gift bags for Christmas 2011.

December 24, 2011

Nishita Battula

During the holiday season, shopping malls are lively and festive with decorations. The malls are open for a longer period of time during December. There is almost a sale everyday and you can see the competition among the stores. I enjoy seeing the bright red garlands and feel it adds to the celebration. The atmosphere is full of happiness and smiles. In addition, shoppers’ attire, such as coats and scarves, add to the holiday feeling.

           Aside from the malls environment, purchasing presents can be a difficult task. Most girls love to shop but too much shopping can be annoying. Sometimes I wish instead of price tags, “name tags” were attached to items. With “name tags” buying a present for someone will be easy because their name will be written on it. But what attracts me to shop during the holidays are the sales that go on. Almost everything is on sale and is half the regular price. But the downside to this are the long lines that take hours. There is always a negative side to every postive.