Auto Shop competes for $25,000

January 13, 2012

Amanda Sabeh

Our school’s Auto Shop submitted a video to UTI Foundation’s Drive to Succeed Scholarship last December. On January 9th Doug Nahale, automotive instructor, was proud to announce to his students that the submitted video was nominated in the top eight finalist category. Competing against seventy other schools nationwide, students and Nahale managed to get the opportunity to win $25,000 in funding for our school’s Auto Shop program.

“This is absolutely amazing news. This grant is something our shop needs. We have limited equipment, broken equipment, this will benefit us greatly. I’m ecstatic, and very confident that if everyone puts in a few seconds of their time to spread the word and like our video on Facebook we can win,” automotive instructor Doug Nahale said.

Starting on January 10th UTI Foundation announced on their Facebook web page that voting is officially in session. However a glitch occurred with all votes that Tuesday afternoon, leaving all videos with zero votes total. UTI Foundation reached out to all school finalists publicizing that voting will take place again on January 11th at 12 PM through January 18th. As UTI’s Facebook page got crowded with the school’s questions and worries about what will happen to the several votes they already had before, UTI thought it would only be fair if they suspended all voting. Now school finalists will start their votes back from square one, zero.

“It really sucks that we have to start voting over again, but I know we can do it if everyone participates,” junior Sahra Taeb said.

While many students were bummed out that they have to start the voting over, they continue to keep their head up encouraging as many students, teachers, family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else with a Facebook to go vote for their video.

Wittmer gives advice in college presentation

November 28, 2009

Paige Castren

With requirements tightening and admission rates dropping, it is important for students to pay attention to dates and deadlines regarding college. College and career specialist Michelene Wittmer gave a college and financial aid presentation at a well-attended PTSA meeting Nov. 12.

Even though most college deadlines have passed for seniors, juniors should take notice of these for their approaching senior year. Wittmer emphasized visiting college campuses because she can’t believe how many students apply to colleges without ever stepping foot on campus. She also said that California State University, East Bay, should be everyone’s back-up option because Alameda County residents get priority.

Wittmer suggested that students take both the ACT and the SAT to see which one they do best at since most schools accept either. Students should take the SAT subject tests in their best subjects even if it doesn’t have anything to do with their major. She reiterated that students should only send their scores the last time they take the SAT. They have four free score reports to send to colleges that they apply to.

Seniors should take the time to apply for scholarships because it is worth the effort. Wittmer has a binder of scholarships that students are welcome to look at in the Career Center. Wittmer said that is the best online source for scholarships and that scholarship applications should never cost money. Students should apply for financial aid even if they do not feel that they can qualify. Wittmer is trying to schedule a Financial Aid Night.

Wittmer is more than willing to meet with students and parents throughout the whole school day.

“Whatever dreams they may have- hopefully I can assist them,” Wittmer said.

She is hoping to have her presentation on the Washington High School website soon.