Beginning to the end

November 10, 2009

Edin Cristofi

With fantasy football coming to an end, there have been many shockers and busts. Some surprises have been the emergence of Kyle Orton and Denver Nuggets, Mario Manningham from New York Giants and DeSean Jackson’s from the Philadelphia Eagles. Their consistency with points have impressed fantasy owners. Matt Forte of the Chicago Bears and Clinton Portis from the Washington Redskins may have been some players who have been disappointing. But you can guarantee that those players won’t be able to redeem themselves as the season finishes.

One season is ending, another is beginning. And yes, I am referring to basketball.

Some sleepers that may bolster your fantasy team are:

Roy Hibbert, center for the Indiana Pacers. This is Hibbert’s second year in the NBA and he looks polished, just through the first couple of weeks of the season. Hibbert is making a big impact coming off the bench, and if he continues to play this way, you can guarantee that he will start before mid-season.

Jason Thompson, power forward for the Sacramento Kings is another second-year player that you might consider drafting. Unlike Hibbert, Thompson has been a starting power forward ever since last season, so you can expect a more reliable performances on a night-to-night basis. Thompson probably was not someone you would have picked up last year because of the lack of consistency. However, with last season under his belt, you can bet stability will be there this season.

People you shouldn’t expect much from this year are:

Caron Butler, a small forward for the Washington Wizards. With “Agent Zero” a.k.a. Gilbert Arenas back and with the new additions of Mike Miller and Randy Foye in the off season, I don’t expect Caron to get as much playing time.

Keyon Martin, a power forward for the Denver Nuggets. Don’t anticipate Kenyon to be in the spotlight with the emergence of “Birdman,” otherwise known as Chris Andersen. In the 2008-2009 playoffs, Andersen did all the dirty work in the paint, creating havoc for opposing offenses. Both players are playing split minutes even though Kenyon starts every game.