Huskies upset San Leandro

March 2, 2010

Edin Cristofi

The boys basketball team, ranked seventh in North Coast Sectionals (NCS), played against San Leandro High School, Feb. 23. San Leandro, ranked tenth in NCS, competes in a league against schools like Bishop O’ Dowd and Castro Valley, two of the most talented teams in the NCS boy’s basketball. San Leandro looked to pull an upset against Washington but came up short. San Leandro was behind the Huskies by one or two baskets throughout the game. In the fourth quarter, San Leandro and Washington alternated the lead position. When San Leandro tied the game with a two-pointer, senior Mark Wik raced down the court with 6.7 seconds and dished a no-look pass to senior Jack Veronin. He went for the game-winning layup, giving the Huskies the ultimate lead.

“I had to keep track of the clock, so I would know how much time was left,” Wik said. “I saw the big man open, and I fed him the ball.”

After the shot, San Leandro called a time-out to prepare for a chance to tie the game. They went for the win but they failed. The Husky fans rushed onto the court at the sound of the buzzard, cheering on their team after a hard-fought victory.

The Huskies lost against De La Salle High School, 47-66, in round two of NCS, Feb. 26. De La Salle is the number two seeded team of the NCS playoffs.

This article originally appeared in the print on March 2, 2010. It has been modified to correct style and grammatical errors.

‘Jack Star’ times three

March 2, 2010

Edin Cristofi

Senior Jack Veronin has been playing varsity basketball since his freshman year. This is his third MVP basketball award. He has led the Huskies to a 19-9 overall record. The highlight of Jack’s season was hitting the game-winning shot against San Lorenzo with 3.4 seconds left. The toughest obstacle Veronin has overcome this season were the back-to-back losses to Newark and Kennedy.

“It was a very tough stretch to go through and to get out of,” Veronin said.

The Huskies came out of losing streak with a 61-56 victory over the American Eagles.

Athletes usually have some type of good luck charm or superstition. For Veronin, every time he’s called for the starting lineup, he hits the floor three times before getting up. While his quirks seem odd, it has worked for him this season, with a an average 17.2 points and 16.7 rebounds per game. The motivation and adrenaline behind Veronin’s success comes from his pre-game dances in the locker room. Currently towering at 6’6″, Veronin started playing basketball at a young age in the Fremont recreational league at Irvington. Jack intends plans on continuing his basketball career in college, possibly at San Francisco State University.

This article originally appeared in print on March 2, 2010. It has been modified to correct style and grammatical errors.

ASB continues tradition with feasts

December 14, 2009

Htoo Htoo Lu

Laughter. Hugs. Enthusiasm. Team work. There was a sense of unity as ASB leaders bonded with special education students by decorating cookies together. Rather than baking cookies during the allotted time, the sweets were prepared beforehand to give students more time to decorate the treats. During the holiday celebration, they also made Christmas tree ornaments out of paper.

“We are trying to establish a relationship with these special education kids by recognizing them more,” activity director Helen Paris said. “It’s like Link Crew, except ASB is linking with special education kids.”

ASB held the Christmas feast Dec. 10 as a continuation of their efforts to reach out to special education students. Instead of wearing the usual Thursday business attire, ASB students wore red and green.
“It was wonderful. [ASB students and special education students] all got to know each other really well,” special education teacher Mary DeLeon said. “Now they would greet each other even outside of classroom.”

ASB also held the fourth annual Thanksgiving feast for special education students Nov. 19. This feast took place in the cafeteria during fourth period. Paris brought snacks, beverages and a turkey for the feast. She even cooked meals together in the classroom kitchen career counselor Michelene Whittmer and DeLeon.
“It was something I have never done before—talking and eating with the special education kids. I really enjoyed it. It was a great experience overall,” senior Jack Veronin said.

Since the feast, special education students have been dropping by the student center and helping around on occasion. For example, they helped clean the student center and around the campus.

“When the sprinklers near the amphitheater were broken, they watered the plants by hand so that the plants won’t die,” Paris said.

Special education students showed their appreciation for this feast by making placemats and thank you cards for the ASB leaders and teachers who helped make the event possible.

“I loved the feast. I loved them. I can’t wait to see them again,” senior Alex Haro said.

ASB began this tradition four years ago as a way to reach out to special education students.
Often times, special education students do not have the chance to participate in any clubs, sports and other extracurricular activities. Until four years ago, this feast has always been held in the student center. Over the past four years, the feast has expanded and moved into the cafeteria.

In the future, ASB plans to get an ASB-special education wing on the campus in which both the ASB leaders and special education students will work together to grow plants and flowers.

Former homecoming queen and Mr. Husky announce 2009 title winners

Former homecoming queen and Mr. Husky announce 2009 title winners

Photo Credit: Pro Image Studios


November 10, 2009

Alex Tyler

During halftime at the homecoming game, Nov. 6, after performances by the cheer team and the school band, an excited crowd waited with bated breath for senior Breana Meagher to announce this year’s homecoming queen. The 2009 homecoming queen is Kellie Ishisaki and the runner ups are Kimberly Chatterjee, Emily Khuc, Monique Pascual and Shay Mozzetti in second, third, fourth and fifth places, respectively. Erika Gerards, last year’s homecoming queen, returned to crown Kellie as queen. The court rode into the game in convertibles, escorted by their fathers, all of whom were ecstaticly proud of their daughters. All of the girls were happy for Kellie, and proud to be part of the homecoming court.

“I was really excited. I had been hoping that she would win because she has done a lot for the school throughout the year,” Chatterjee said.

The next night, at the homecoming dance, this year’s Mr. Husky was crowned. Brian McMahon, last year’s Mr. Husky, came back to crown Cedric Lousi as the winner of the title. The first, second, third and fourth runner ups were Austin Wong, Seth Neumann, Ben Rich and Jack Veronin, respectively. Halfway through the event, the lights were turned on, and everyone stopped dancing as the Mr. Husky nominees were led onto the stage by the homecoming queen nominees. There were smiles all around when Cedric was announced as winner, and he broke out into a huge grin while his mom came on stage to congratulate him.

“I was just excited and happy that I won,” Lousi said.

He definitely hoped to win and it came as a great surprise when his name was announced.

This article has been altered with the addition of corrected information.

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