Hello outdoors

Hello outdoors

Photo Credit: Mindy Lyseng Crawford

Students put their hands up in the air at this year's Hello Dance, which was hosted on Sept. 2.

September 14, 2011

Amanda Sabeh and Marwa Nawabi

Since the day Washington High School opened in 1891, our school has never hosted an outdoor dance. On September 2, 2011 this tradition changed and ASB put together “Endless Summer”, the first ever outdoor Hello Dance. For the past two years, the Hello Dance has been cancelled due to low ticket sales. Fortunately, things changed for the huskies this year thanks to ASB, Officer Berlin, and parent volunteers for putting in their best effort in making the dance happen. Junior, Martha Hoang, said, “It was a great turnout, a little slow at first, but once everyone started dancing, it was a lot of fun.” The DJ took over the amphitheater stage while the students danced on the amphitheater floor. Sophomore, Jenna Ott, said, “The DJ wasn’t that great. He played a lot of the songs over and over again.” Several people agreed with Ott’s statement about the DJ, but that didn’t stop them from having a wonderful time.“Endless Summer” had high expectations as the first ever outdoor dance; however it turned out to be a huge success.