Downloading music: Right or wrong?

November 29, 2011

Karina Yap

People everywhere in the world have loved music since the beginning of time. Recently, however, the way we get it has changed drastically.

Back when there were no computers and phones, people could only rely on the radio to listen to their favorite songs. If they wanted to obtain these songs, they had to buy CD’s or even tapes. Today our generation has programs like iTunes and Amazon, so music is much easier to acquire. Even so, iTunes and Amazon have become less popular nowadays due to the ability to download music online for free from file sharing websites such as MediaFire and 4Shared. You may be saving money by downloading free music, but is it right to do so?

Although it is looked down upon to own copyrighted music without purchasing it, I believe that music should be available to everyone without a cost. Putting a cost on music is like making listening to music a privilege. Artists mainly create songs in order to share their talent with the rest of the world, so people should be able to take part in the entertainment without restrictions. However, artists also record tracks in order to make profit. I’m not against downloading free music but if I really like a certain album or song, I’ll actually purchase it in efforts to support my favorite singers.

I asked my close friends their opinions on this topic. Unlike myself, my friend Gio Cruz opposed free downloads: “I’m against it because it is bad for the artist. They make no money that way.” On the other hand, another friend of mine, Navjeet Phull, says “I think downloading music for free is cool since music artists don’t really get all the money anyways. Besides, there would be no way for them to stop people getting free music.” People will always have their own opinion, but like Navjeet said, there is really no way to stop people from getting what they want.