ASB raises money for Haiti with shirt sales

March 2, 2010

Sarah deLanda

ASB is selling T-shirts to aid Haiti after the Jan. 12 earthquake. The fundraiser began Feb. 8 and all profits will go to the “Hope for Haiti” organization. More information can be found at

“We’re trying to target funds towards kids in Haiti,” ASB secretary senior Cindy Chen said.

The idea for selling shirts came from seniors Breana Meagher and Jocelyne Yamaguchi as well as sophomore Caitlyn Yamaguchi. The concept was one of many emerging ideas for how to raise funds. There were plans for a “Quarters for Quake” fundraiser as a challenge to other school leaderships to see who could raise the most money within a week. Because other schools had already committed to their own fundraisers, the collaborative idea fell flat. But even without the motivation of competition, over 100 shirts have already been sold.

With large disasters, every cent counts. ASB is promoting T-shirts with posters, announcements and by word of mouth.

It took nearly a month to begin T-shirt sales because of prior commitments and the delay of planning the fundraiser. When the earthquake struck, ASB was focused on first semester finals and the Sadie Hawkins dance. The success of the Haiti relief plans might have been compromised because students were initially concentrated on other issues. To delay matters further, ASB didn’t meet every day of finals week. It took time to brainstorm for the best way to earn money for Haiti. After it was settled to sell T-shirts, there was the matter of finding a shirt design and a vendor to create the shirts.

“The shirts look cool,” senior Mehak Dharmani said. “I’m going to feel like a good person.”

ASB hopes sales will continue so they would be able to order a second shipment of shirts.

“I think it’s going to be a while until we can say it’s ‘enough,’ but the shirts brought attention to us trying to raise funds and a lot of people started donating money,” sophomore Jennifer Chang said.

ASB will continue to offer the Haiti relief T-shirts for $15 dollars in the student center until an undecided date.

Former homecoming queen and Mr. Husky announce 2009 title winners

November 10, 2009

Alex Tyler

During halftime at the homecoming game, Nov. 6, after performances by the cheer team and the school band, an excited crowd waited with bated breath for senior Breana Meagher to announce this year’s homecoming queen. The 2009 homecoming queen is Kellie Ishisaki and the runner ups are Kimberly Chatterjee, Emily Khuc, Monique Pascual and Shay Mozzetti in second, third, fourth and fifth places, respectively. Erika Gerards, last year’s homecoming queen, returned to crown Kellie as queen. The court rode into the game in convertibles, escorted by their fathers, all of whom were ecstaticly proud of their daughters. All of the girls were happy for Kellie, and proud to be part of the homecoming court.

“I was really excited. I had been hoping that she would win because she has done a lot for the school throughout the year,” Chatterjee said.

The next night, at the homecoming dance, this year’s Mr. Husky was crowned. Brian McMahon, last year’s Mr. Husky, came back to crown Cedric Lousi as the winner of the title. The first, second, third and fourth runner ups were Austin Wong, Seth Neumann, Ben Rich and Jack Veronin, respectively. Halfway through the event, the lights were turned on, and everyone stopped dancing as the Mr. Husky nominees were led onto the stage by the homecoming queen nominees. There were smiles all around when Cedric was announced as winner, and he broke out into a huge grin while his mom came on stage to congratulate him.

“I was just excited and happy that I won,” Lousi said.

He definitely hoped to win and it came as a great surprise when his name was announced.

This article has been altered with the addition of corrected information.

Girls water polo out scores American

September 25, 2009

Kaylee Miu

The girls water polo team played their first seasonal MVAL game against American High School Sept. 24.

“It went swimmingly,” joked senior and co-captain Breana Meagher.

Defeating the Eagles 18-2, the Huskies had a solid performance. Senior Jocelyne Yamaguchi, junior Ally Hokanson and sophomore Megan Ottoboni scored three goals each in the game.

However, with one game down, the girls will be facing tough competition– Newark Memorial High Sept. 29 at home. According to players on the team, this upcoming game will be one of their toughest matches.