Break was great… until it ended

Chris Ware illustration of a Thanksgiving turkey shopping for holiday presents. Lexington Herald-Leader 2011

Coleana Mount
December 2, 2011

Many people enjoy the pleasures of being on break, the sleeping in and the being able to do whatever you want during the day. And just about everyone hates coming back. The day after break you can hear people grumbling and yawning constantly throughout the day. Students wish that they were back in their beds sleeping, tired from the seven hours of Skyrim they just played. However that moment in time is over, now it’s time to study and keep focused on your studies so you will be able to pass this quarter. Even though it is already the end of the week many students are just now getting back into their routine. The weight of being back in school is a little less heavy.

I wanted to identify with other students and find what their take was on the week after Thanksgiving break so I asked a few students what their thoughts were.

When asked what she thought Junior Jenelle Corsi said “I was so tired but at least we have winter break coming soon!”

“I really hate coming back from break.” said Junior Asma Massoumi.”It’s hard to get back into school again after having a whole week off and not having to deal with class and homework.”

“After coming back from break I felt well rested and ready to return and help my students.” said English Teacher Mr. Andersen.

“I was sad to return to school, because I had such a great time playing “catchphrase” with my family in Washington.” said Senior Kelsi Ocon.

All in all the week after break can be stressful, but if you use a positive outlook like Jenelle Corsi and Mr. Andersen have, it could make your week that much better.

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