What is Veteran’s Day to you?

Amanda Sabeh

Our country's flag hangs in Mr. Skillings' classroom.

Amanda Sabeh
November 17, 2011

I think we can all agree that getting a day off school besides the weekend is just staggering.  I mean who doesn’t like sleeping in and avoiding their classes?  Whenever we get school off, even if it’s only a day, we can’t help but react with joy and excitement.  Well, that is only speaking for some students.  We got Veteran’s Day off on Nov. 11.  Veteran’s Day is an annual American holiday in which we honor our brave military veterans.  But do students like Veteran’s Day for all the wrong reasons?  This may astound many of you, but some students actually do view the significance of this praiseworthy American holiday.  Junior Matt Carraher says, “I think Veteran’s Day is all about honoring our troops, supporting what they have done for our country.”  As much as we would like to make our country proud and say we all truly celebrate Veteran’s Day for the right reasons, it’s just not contingent.  Sophomore Estevan Aguilera says, “I really like that we get to sleep in and you know, not go to school, it’s nice to have a break sometimes!”

Whether we have school off or not, we should never forget the true meaning of Veteran’s Day.  American troops have put blood, sweat, and tears to protect our home; the least we can do is honor and respect them for their hard work.  So how about we all take a second and ask ourselves, what does Veterans Day mean to you?

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