First quarter coming to an end

Amanda Sabeh

Coleana Mount studying for her last vocabulary test for the quarter.

Amanda Sabeh
November 3, 2011

November is here and we are about three weeks away from Thanksgiving Break. You know what that means Huskies, first quarter is coming to an end.  As teachers are occupied getting ready to update our grades, some students are quite anxious to see their results.  Seeing the aftermath of all your vocation being put into a letter that judges your academic knowledge, can be a bit frightful for some.  Junior Sahra Taeb said, “First quarter went by so fast!  I have to admit, I’m pretty nervous to get my progress report.”  She’s not the only one, many students are still trying to bear the thought that before long their parents/guardians are going to see how well, or how poorly they are doing with their academics.  However, as terrifying as receiving a progress report can be, some students remain very tranquil with the ending of first quarter.  Junior Alissa Ceja has a positive attitude towards this occasion as she said, “Good! Let it end!”

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