Weather we win or not

Eric Chu
May 18, 2011

First thing I do before going to a baseball game is look at the forecast predicted for that day. Supposedly, the temperature was set at 61 degrees, and partly cloudy, mentioning nothing about rain. I wore two jackets to the game, one regular zipper up, and a windbreaker over it. While walking to BART the weather seemed decent. There was little wind and the sky had plenty of clouds. When we arrived at Oakland the weather was just about the same and it seemed like perfect weather for watching baseball. I was hungry that day since I didn’t eat breakfast that morning, so I wanted to get something at the stadium. I bought a polish sausage that had bell peppers and onions on it. I don’t like the taste of onions, but the bell papers masked the oniony flavor. Honestly, it was one of the worst polish sausages I had ever tasted. Every bite into the sausage was a bite towards death. The sausage was extremely greasy and it had oil secreting from its pores. With every bite, the sausage left an oily texture on my fingers. It was a nasty polish sausage, but I was really hungry. The next two hours seemed pretty normal, talking with friends, eating peanuts, and just simply watching the game. It was around the 6th inning I think when things started to turn upside down. Rain clouds formed and it started pouring. Unluckily, my seat was right on the outside edge of the over hand and I got drenched. My jeans felt like extra weights after the game. It was an interesting day.

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