Rain can’t stop us

Nadine Morishita
May 8, 2011

On Wednesday April 20, journalism students departed from campus to the Oakland Coliseum to watch the Oakland A’s play the Boston Red Sox. There was a 20 percent chance of rain but not much was thought about it. After the first home run by Coco Crisp, the fans cheered and stood from their seats to see him finish the run. That’s when small beads of rain started to drop, and soon more came pouring down. Fans came prepared with umbrellas and ponchos, except us. While everyone was getting covered up from the downpour, we put our hoods on and tried to stay dry. The rain eventually turned to a small drizzle, but came back a few minutes later. Tired of the rain, some students moved to the row behind to get covered by the overhang. Not everyone got a dry seat, but the rain eventually decreased and then stopped. The rain didn’t affect the fans from cheering or the vendors from selling overpriced snacks. The game ended without rain, but a loss from the Oakland Athletics to the Boston Red Sox 5-3. Rain can’t stop fans from supporting their favorite players, even if they catch a cold the next day.

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