Fashion Club to put on a runway show

Jenae Lee, Fashion Reporter
January 18, 2011

Washington’s Fashion Club is underway in planning it’s very own fashion show. The event is planned to take place in April and is serving as a fundraiser for the club. It will feature donated clothes from the students which must be in good condition and can be worn to any occasion. Based on the clothing the club receives, they will then take the clothes and put outfits together.
After planning the outfits, Fashion Club will conduct a model call in which anyone from Washington can be a model. The club will hold a model fitting in which they will decide which outfit the model will wear and where they will be in the lineup for the catwalk. The models will have to practice for their walk and will receive help and encouragement from a professional model.
Fashion Club will also be seeking makeup artists to help style the models.
For the show, the club plans on using inspirations from the Betsey Johnson Spring 2011 fashion show with its fun and flirtatiousness.
After the show, the clothing from the runway will be put onto racks with prices for the attendees to purchase. The money will go to the fashion club.
The show is planned to be in the drama room with designed set for the show. The theme of the show is still yet to be announced.
Fashion Club will also be requesting help to put on the show, possibly allowing volunteers to gain community service hours.
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