The End of Application Season

Abhay Mahajan
December 2, 2010

Many seniors have completed the painstaking process of applying to colleges, as of November 30th, the application deadline for UC and CSU applications. Some students put off the task until the end while others completed the applications far in advance. Senior Steven Lee stated, “College applications were very stressful for me. Although I started early on my essays, I kept on procrastinating, which made the process harder than it should have been.” However, some students still have applications to turn in for the month of January. Senior Bach Phan gives the following advice to all future college applicants: “Instead of putting all the applications due January off until winter break, it’s best to start them during the late months of summer because time will fly by quickly. The earlier applications and essays are started, the more time there is to review them.”

The stress from the application process will reemerge later for some, near the time admissions decisions are announced. Some students will manage to cope with it while others will not. Hopefully, every student is satisfied with the college they end up attending in the end.

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