Badminton season right around the corner

Badminton players having a seat.

Mazher Ahmed
January 26, 2012

Badminton players have recently started conditioning in preparation for the upcoming season which will be here soon. Conditioning consists mostly of leg and cardio exercises that will help players on the court. Players have also started learning the proper way to play, starting with how to hold and use a racket.
Returning Coach Allen Ng says that he hopes the team can improve this year and do better than they have in previous years. Also coming back to help is Head Coach Roshni. Both have helped coach the Washington High School badminton for the past few years.
“I wasn’t motivated at the start when badminton season started but as I watched people condition I felt nostalgic and now I kind of want to condition, and kind of want to play, but I’m too lazy to go out when there’s other stuff I can do at home.” Senior Jonathan Hui said of the upcoming season,
Jonathan has played for the Washington High School badminton team since his Freshmen year here, JV Freshmen year and Varsity Sophomore and junior year. He plans to return as a varsity player for one last time.
There will be no conditioning during finals week so that students can focus on studying. Afterwards however it will start right up again and it’s still not too late for people wanting to join the team to go.
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