Boys’ Volleyball team seeks new coach

Sai Vanam

The boys' volleyball team in the huddle.

Sai Vanam
December 12, 2011

After two seasons as our volleyball team’s coach, Samuel Pricer resigns and will not be the volleyball coach for the 2011-2012 boys’ volleyball team. Coach Sam, as his players used to call him, is an alumnus of Washington High School and played varsity volleyball during the 2005-2006 season. A competitive and talented volleyball, Sam started as the JV coach for our volleyball team. Last season, he had opportunity to coach the varsity team. However, this year Sam decided to join Marines and could not coach this upcoming season. Coach Sam said “it was a fun and exciting experience seeing my players progress. I enjoy the sport of volleyball and look forward to participating in the sport in the future.”

                Our boys’ volleyball team looks to rebuild. With many talented seniors leaving the team and no coach, the current players are left adrift. They seek an excellent coach and players to step up as leaders of the team. Also, players are organizing open gyms to get ready for the upcoming season. Junior Anant Gill, who played for the varsity team last year looks forward to get back on the court. “I like open gyms, because they are a good way to adjust to the demands of the season. I believe that our team will be competitive this year and we will see how far we get.” Though our boys’ volleyball team has lost key pieces on the team, the upcoming season is promising as current players are ready to fill in the roles.

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