A step up in H2O polo

Eric Chu
October 21, 2010

The girls varsity water polo team took home first place in the Contra Costa Tournament at Contra Costa College on October 1. This is the first time in Washington history that the girls water polo team won first place in this tournament. Facing off against teams from Northern California, some of which were ranked top ten in NCS. This included Northgate High School, ranked top ten, and Drake High School, ranked eighth. Both schools were defeated by our ambitious Huskies.

“Our team is as strong as ever. I’m so proud to call myself a husky, and I can’t wait to see how far we can go,” junior Erin Swardenski said.

Their improvement in the last two years has a lot to do with their coach, Cameron Bhramst. Bhramst has grasped on to the team’s persistence and uses it to push the girls to their limits, strengthening the team both mentally and physically.

“Water polo is not just a sport we play but much more, we have an awesome team inside and outside the pool and a great coach that helped make that happen,” junior Katelyn Clark said.

Bhramst trains the girls twenty hours a week with strenuous conditioning drills. Their hardest drill consists of doing egg beaters in which the girls swirl both their legs like an egg beater across the pool for five to six minutes straight. While they’re doing that, they are strapped down by a ten pound weighted belt while suspending a fifteen pound chair above the water. These workouts are meant to help the team get into the best shape possible and prepare them for the annual MVAL tournament. This team is well prepared for thier competitive shot in MVALs.

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