Injuries hit NBA early

Edin Cristofi
December 14, 2009

Basketball has taken multiple twists and turns this year and it’s only the beginning of the season. With injuries occurring to many of the top NBA players, such as Kevin Martin of the Sacramento Kings and Jameer Nelson of the Orlando Magic, fantasy basketball owners have been dropping and adding players frequently from free agency.

So for those of you who have had big men like Greg Oden of the Trailblazers or Andris Biedrins of the Golden State Warriors go down, pick up Joel Przybilla, a center for the Portland Trailblazers. With Oden out from another season-ending injury, you can guarantee Joel will be taking the starting job. He will be productive in grabbing rebounds when someone as big as Oden goes down.

For those of you that had a guard go down with an injury, consider picking up Jason Williams of the Orlando Magic, until Jameer Nelson comes back from his injury.

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