TMI: Too much info

While it can be hard to make a Facebook account hack-proof, there is certainly a lot you can do to prevent scammers from getting to you. (Damon Gascon/San Jose Mercury News/MCT)

Ilma Husain
November 17, 2011

We all have Facebook friends who leave just a bit too much information about their lives on the website. Sharing too much information on social websites can be both annoying and dangerous. Frequent ridiculous status updates can drive your friends to deleting you and posting too much about your personal life can lead to dangerous situations.
First of all, not everyone needs to know what you are doing every single second. People who update their statuses each minute do not even realize how annoying it is for their friends to sign onto Facebook and have a  bunch of statuses like “OMG I just bought the cutest shoes at the mall” or “SO siked to sit at home, eat, and play COD all day!” contaminating their home page. These people do not realize their frequent status updates can be really irritating for their friends. Facebook is where people go to connect with friends, not read about your “oh-so interesting” life. Save that for Twitter. You should be careful about how often and what you post on Facebook because it can also be dangerous.
Facebookers who share too much on Facebook can lead themselves into potential danger. It is definitely not safe letting everyone know that your family is going on  vacation for one week and leaving your house empty. Nor is it safe leaving your address or even your school name on Facebook. There are a lot of creepy people out there and leaving details about your personal life, even about what you are doing that day, can put you in danger. You never know who is trying to stalk you and watching your every move.
It is much more convenient to leave less information on Facebook. Your friends will not get annoyed of your frequent updates and creepy stalkers won’t know too much about your personal life. Better to be safe than sorry.
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