Seniors can have an easier schedule

Rachel Das and Ashley Yang
January 12, 2011

As most students probably already know and perhaps have even anticipated, seniors are able to drop a class next semester and be responsible for only five periods a day instead of six. This is an option for seniors who have completed all their requirements for graduation and use the time to study, work, or even to catch up on sleep.

“It would be perfect if you have completed all your credits and are caught up on all your service hours and everything,” senior Tabitha Kirk said.

If seniors drop their first period, the extra-sleep option may be utilized more than other ideas. This would be advantageous to students who aren’t getting the energy they need due to lack of sleep. Since senior year is a notably stressful one, the dropped period could be considered an opportunity to catch up on work as well. If seniors drop their sixth period, the only other class they are allowed to drop, they have more time in order to work on projects or homework assignments. Also, students who have jobs may further practice their self-sufficiency by getting to work a little longer, using time that would have otherwise been committed to an unnecessary class period.

“I think it is a good way to make your day easier and your life more enjoyable,” senior Paige Diamond said.

While people naturally find this chance to lighten their day appealing, many seniors don’t jump on the chance. One major reason for keeping all six courses is the looming pressure of college. Generally, four year colleges require students to notify them if there is a change in their class schedules. They might even require a detailed letter explaining the reasons behind the dropped class. This entire process can be both annoying and time consuming, and seniors might not think it worth the effort. Dropping a period might also be looked down upon by colleges because they might assume that a student is not willing to take on a challenge.

“It might look bad for students who applied to competitive colleges,” Diamond said.

Many students end up reasoning that the one class they can drop is already casual enough, and staying one more period wouldn’t kill. It might not be worth the risk.

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