Winter affects students’ moods

Nadine Morishita
December 9, 2010

As winter and excitement for the holidays approach, the weather also takes a massive toll on many students’ and teachers’ temperaments and attitudes.

“The grey and cold weather makes me feel really sleepy,” junior Ninon Becquart said.

To feel better, Becquart has a lamp called her “happy lamp” which makes her bedroom brighter during the winter so she doesn’t feel depressed. The bright light makes her feel like it is sunny.

“I always use this lamp in the winter,” Becquart said.

“I hate the cold weather, but I love the holidays,” junior Ayesha Ruprell said.

Ruprell feels bitter due to the frosty weather, and the only reason she looks forward to winter is the because of the break.

“Once break is over, I get back into a gloomy mood,” Ruprell said.

Students are not the only ones affected by the frigid temperature; teachers have issues with the weather as well.

“I do not like the winter at all,” English teacher Beej Jasani said.

She can not stand the cold, but unlike some, she learns to cope with it so it does not affect her attitude in class.

“The only reason I like this season is because I get to spend time with family during the break and get away from all this schoolwork,” Jasani said.

Maybe it’s the weather, or the fact the holidays are around the corner, but numerous students’ and teachers’ attitudes are adjusting to this time of year.

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One Response to “Winter affects students’ moods”

  1. Mr. S on December 14th, 2010 8:55 pm

    I agree that the days of rain and overcast skies are gloomy, but we should consider ourselves fortunate that we are not in the truly freezing temperatures and snows of the northern Midwest and New England.


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