Charity should last all year

Staff Editorial
December 9, 2010

This time of year has been given the name “The Season of Giving.” We go out and buy each other cute little gifts or make food to bring over. More importantly, though, people have the need to give to the less fortunate. We donate cans, turkeys, coats, toys, clothes and more to various drives at school, work or elsewhere.

However, after about January, most people don’t give to charities until the next November or December. There are several reasons for this. One is that most organizations host drives and push for items during the holiday season. How many canned food drives do you see in April? This is probably because they feel people are most generous around the holidays. However, there are so many drives during this time of year and only so many in need.

People associate November and December with the “Season of Giving.” They probably feel more fortunate during this time of year because of all the extravagant feasts and new clothes. But aren’t we more fortunate during the entire year? We have a house, three meals a day, clothes, and money to buy new things with. People just associate the rest of the year with normalcy, when in reality, we will always have more than some people, not just around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We can all do our part to turn the “Season of Giving into the “Year of Giving.” The Second Harvest Food Bank in San Jose has opportunities for people 14 and over to sort and distribute food during the entire year. It also accepts donations of food and money. The most needed foods are canned meals, canned fruits, peanut butter and cereal. The food bank also will help people start their own food drives. Together, we can make life easier for the less fortunate the entire year.

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