Fun and games at the Winter Assembly

Meilin Liang

A drawing of the game "Pass the Candy Cane"

Meilin Liang
January 10, 2012

The annual winter assembly was held on Dec. 21 to celebrate the cheerful and festive holiday season. To get the crowd in a cheerful mood, Mrs. Paris pumped up the crowd with class cheers, ending with a combined cheer from all the “Huskies in the house.” Instead of having a fellow Husky sing the national anthem, the assembly started with the school band performing “The Star Spangled Banner.” Following that performance was a routine by the school’s second annual Color Guard.

The assembly was filled with various games and entertaining activities such as “Toss the Wreath” and “Shave Santa’s Beard”. In “Toss the Wreath,” three students had to spin around three times and toss a wreath, that was attached to a long candy cane designed rod, into the goal, which was a spacious square area.

“The game wasn’t that challenging cause I got two wreaths in but our class didn’t win because my partners, Jasper Lee and Daniel Chan, kept missing their throws badly,” freshmen Adriel Sarpolio said.

In Pass the Candy Cane, the seniors and freshmen teamed up against the sophomores and juniors. To win the game, students had to pass a candy cane from the front of the line to the end of the line by passing it with candy cane between their mouths. Other games include the “Ski Course,” “Scavenger Hunt” and “Shave Santa’s Beard.”

“The “Ski Course” was pretty easy for us but the other classes seemed to have a lot of trouble,” freshmen Jake Gordon said.

In addition to games, awards were passed out to students who won the PTSA Reflections contest. Furthermore, fall sport athletes were giving a moment of applause as athletes stood up when their sport was announced. In addition, actors from the fall play, “The Night of the Living Dead” gave the crowd a sneak peak of what the play was about by performing their signature dance.


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