ASB decorates school with plants

Alex Tyler
March 30, 2010

ASB members placed large planters filled with an assortment of wildflowers around campus the past few weeks. The students put in a brick pathway outside of the Eggers building, and they also trimmed plants around school with the help of student activities director Helen Paris wielding an electric edger.

These efforts are well appreciated, but some students feel that the money should be spent on other school improvements such as new books or locks on the bathroom stalls.

Senior John Rasure said that although the improvements are helpful “they should have done this a long time ago, at this point the money could be better spent elsewhere.”

ASB spends around $1000 each year on school improvements such as new plants and other aesthetic additions. Their decision to place planters came from activities director Helen Paris. She bought the planters in a previous year and had them situated near the redwood tree by the Eggers building. Since nobody seemed to notice them there, she decided to move them to more noticeable places.  Students in the fourth period leadership class water the new flowers and make sure the additions stay nice.

Junior Julian Malard, president of the New Leaf club said that their club submitted a plan to ASB to place different plants around school throughout the year. ASB moved the planters before they passed the plan. New Leaf club will work together with ASB to continue adding flowers, trees and other plants around the school. They will be planting plants to celebrate Earth Day, April 22.

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