Say goodbye to Hello Dance

Bach Phan
October 16, 2009

The long standing tradition of the Hello Dance will not be part of the school year this year.

The Hello Dance was going to feature new things. It was going to include a state of the art speaker system, which is supposed to be better than what most DJs have. The school also bought DJ software and 200 songs from iTunes. This was all an attempt to have our school be able to DJ ourselves and not have to hire professional DJs. The administrators were excited to bring about this new change, but things got in the way.

According to activity coordinator Helen Paris and principal Linda Fernandez, the money raised for the dance was not going to be able to offset the expenses of running a dance. The money that is needed to run a dance can be hefty. The district requires one custodian for every 150 people, five paid teachers, one administrator, Officer Foote and eight to ten parents to supervise. The overall cost to set up the Hello Dance would have been about $2000. The school tries to at least break even and have money for classes to invest in Senior Ball and Senior Week.

“We have to be frugal with our budget this year,” Fernandez said.

Paris and ASB expect every class to have at least $15,000 by their senior year going towards Senior Ball. There has to be at least 40 people to clean up and set up the dance.

“I’m not going to have a massive amount of manpower and have nobody show up,” Paris said.

Overall the ticket sale, which was believed to about 60 people buying tickets, is at about 50. This would not have been worth the expenses or the effort to put up the Hello Dance.

There are several reasons as to why the ticket sales for the Hello Dance were so low. The Hello Dance was moved to a later date because Paris planned to have the Up Yours Lunch prior to the dance. We did not get the API score increase that we were looking for. The Hello Dance was also scheduled at the same time as the Shoreline concert headlining Brad Paisley.

Next year Paris plans to move the dance two weeks earlier to make the desire to go more prevalent. They also plan on having the students buy the tickets sooner than they did this year.

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