Colleges admitting the well-rounded

April 30, 2009

By Brianna Stutzman

Throughout high school, students are constantly reminded of the requirements they need to fulfill in order to graduate and to get accepted into a good college. This includes community service hours and tests such as the SAT and ACT. Establishing good habits and preparing for college early as an underclassman will help to take away some of the stress of junior and senior year.

Good grades are important, but with so many similar applications every year, colleges are looking for well-rounded students who go above and beyond the minimum requirements. Community service is a great way to impress them. The recommendation for students is that they finish at least ten community service hours per year. There are several clubs, such as Key Club and Interact Club that students can join to reach these goals.

Although community service has become such a chore, it has not lost its meaning. The main goal of community service is for students to grow and learn from their service experiences,” Key Club member Jimmy Young said. “I even regret not starting my community service hours earlier, because of all the experiences that slipped away from me.”

Extracurricular activities, such as sports, are also a way to get noticed by admissions counselors. Students who have talents and use them in their community are distinguished from the thousands of other people who apply to colleges every year.

If freshmen and sophomores ever need help or advice, they can always ask the upperclassmen because seniors and juniors have often gone through similar experiences that underclassmen endure.

“Don’t give up. I know that sounds really cliché, but throughout high school you basically encounter lots of tests that you won’t always do well on and that will get you down. But instead turn that into your motivation to strive harder,” senior Diana Liu said when asked what advice she would give to underclassmen who are working toward college.

Underclassmen have all the things they need to do well at Washington. The choices they make now will determine whether they will succeed or not in the future.

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