Students pursue college

Keerthika Ramakrishnan
June 3, 2010

After June 17, there is no more high school for seniors and they will begin to focus on the next steps of their lives.

Summer is just a small break for many in our senior class as they head to college in the fall.

“I am excited for a new challenge, to go away from home, do something I’ve never done before, and meet new people,” senior Kristen Valentine said.

Valentine will attend University of California (UC) Merced in the fall.

In some households, going directly into a four-year college is important, while in other households, it is necessary to go to a community college for two years to get used to the responsibilities of being an adult while saving money through part-time work. Education will continue while freedoms and responsibilities are gained.

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One Response to “Students pursue college”

  1. Beau Lawrence on October 13th, 2011 10:31 pm

    College is going to be so much fun!!


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