WHS boys join military

Harris Afridi
June 2, 2010

A majority of the seniors are college-bound, but a small handful are headed straight to the military.

Senior Maverick Hooper will join the navy after high school and work as an aviation mechanic. His responsibilities lie solely in working with aircraft and just about everything else that happens on the runway.

“I’m stoked,” Hooper said.

Senior Stephen Hopkins will serve in the marines this fall. He plans to join security forces and will specialize in defending the government and other facilities outside the United States from terrorist forces.

Hopkins’ older brother, Andrew, who graduated from Washington in 2004, is currently a corporal in the marines and has played a major inspiration for Hopkins.

Senior Robert Schafhirt will also enlist in the marines and will serve as a firefighter. His job will include assisting in the fires of demolished marine vehicles as well as search and rescue operations.

The marines are paying for Schafhirt’s college education, and he will also be provided with housing. Schafhirt, along with Hooper, will not be serving in combat.

“Only ten percent of Marines see combat,” Schafhirt said.

With the training Schafhirt will receive in the marines, he will be able to work as a firefighter after he withdraws from service.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” Schafhirt said.

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