No prom, no problem

Chase Glenister
March 2, 2010

Not everyone wants to go to prom. Prom can be very stressful. It can be awkward and expensive, and planning is time-consuming. Even those who want to go prom may not be able to. There are a lot of other activities you can do instead of going to prom.

“Instead of prom, you can go see a movie with your family or friends. Even better, you can have a party at your house,” senior Kevin Nganga said.

Seeing a movie is cheaper and less socially awkward. Yet, seeing a movie is not the best alternative. You don’t get the chance to socialize with others while watching the movie, which is one of the reasons why people go to prom.

You could instead hold a party at your house. There would be more activities to do at your house, like watching movies, playing games and, obviously, socializing. It wouldn’t be as cheap as a movie, but if you are looking for a packed house, look no further. Also, you have the choice to go formal or not. If you really wanted to go to prom, then you could have a formal party at your house.

If the only reason you are going is because you really like a particular girl or boy, then just ask your potential date out. By going on a private date, you won’t feel awkward around the person’s giggling friends, and you won’t have to feel self-conscious about your dancing. In addition, a simple date would give you the privacy focus on each other and to talk about whatever you want.

These are all alternatives to going to prom. Keep in mind that these are just the basics. They will get you started on crafting the ultimate alternative to prom.

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