Put thought into holiday gifts

Simoneel Czar
December 15, 2009

Are you confused about what to give your family and friends for the holidays? No worries, we have ideas on how to find great presents for less.

If you want to find a present that your best girl friend or sister will like, search for things that can be used in everyday life. Items such as scarves, perfume, jewelry or even a cute jewelry box come in many styles, so chances are you can find one your friend will like. For your brother or best guy friend, look for a wallet, watch or make him homemade food like cookies or brownies.

For your parents, go the extra mile and make something yourself. You can make a personalized calendar by using your favorite family pictures. Making your parents a card is another sweet way to show your appreciation for them.

Your mom may also like a candle scented with her favorite perfume. Many retail stores sell them. Your dad may appreciate a personalized mug or a collection of his favorite movies.

If you’re shopping for your boyfriend or girlfriend, make their gift extra special. You could try to make it homemade. You can give them a mixed CD with a collection of their favorite songs, a framed photo of you two or even a picture that you painted. Traditional gifts such as stuffed animals, flowers or chocolates are always good, too.
Gift cards are another option, but keep those as a back-up plan. Make the presents you give to your friends and family as special and meaningful as possible.

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