Holiday cheer rises above bad economy

Chase Glenister
December 15, 2009

Christmas has always been known as the season of cheer, peace and giving. However, due to the current economic situation, the giving part of the season is severely cramped.

Senior Eric Olsen disagrees.

“People give much more because they realize how close they are to being in the same position,” Olsen said.

Last year the WHS Toy Drive, expecting 150 gifts for families down on their luck, actually collected 336 presents.

“In the past, we’ve received everything from action figures and dolls to games such as Trivial Pursuit,” Olsen said.

There are many people who have clever ideas for gifts. Sophomore Jill Huynh has several ideas for presents that are cost-effective and can be purchased almost anywhere.

“Candy’s always good. As long as they don’t know where it came from, it’s good and go cheap!” Huynh said.

If you don’t know what your friend wants, then choose something anyone would want.

“I think money is a fantastic gift because of its versatility. Practical things might make a good gift in this economy,” senior John Rasure said.

Giving gifts to friends may be difficult due to the economic situation. Sometimes, though, the best gifts are the small things.

“Homemade is the way to go,” senior Emily Khuc said.

Don’t forget, Christmas is not only about presents. The main purpose of the winter season of love and cheer is family.

“I’m going to New Jersey to spend time with family. I don’t get to see them in New Jersey very much, and we usually have a lot of fun,” Rasure said.

Whatever you may go through, your family will be right there with you. That’s what Christmas is about.

“Materialistically, my Christmas hasn’t really changed,” Khuc said. “However, it’s more about the closeness of my family. We always get together with family.”

Times are hard for a number of people. Despite this, Christmas is still the season of peace and joy. So instead of worrying about material presents, give emotional ones. Give hugs, high-fives and sing songs. The inside jokes and shared memories will be treasured more than the expensive gifts. Enjoy your break, and happy holidays!

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