Failure to give

Taken by: Kristina Becker

December 28, 2010

Teddy bears, coloring books, and pickup sticks. These were among the hundreds of toys that Washington High School students donated to LOV Newark for their annual toy drive. Some may say that donating over four hundred toys is a success; I have reason to think otherwise. I just can’t seem to get over the fact that as a school we can go out for months prior to the can food drive and collect/donate over 2.5 thousand cans. But when it comes to the toy drive we can only seem to gather a couple hundred items. I get it, the canned food drive is points for sprit week…but who cares! The whole point of the drive is to give back to families and to make a difference! It astonishes me that in a season of giving we decide that it’s not worth our time or money to put a smile on a child’s face. A child is easy to please, you don’t need to buy a huge robotic dinosaur that can speak five different languages, you just need a little something special that they might not have.

Thousands of children all over California are either homeless or jumping from one home to the next.  If every student donated just one toy we could have given 2,000 children a toy this Christmas. According to the LOV Newark’s delivery man , LOV Newark was hoping to get at least eleven thousand toys this holiday season. So far they only have some three thousand toys.  I just wish that there was more we could have done. Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of our school for donating what they did, however, there are still hundreds of children out there that never got to experience that magical feeling when you open up your first Christmas present. Drives like the canned food, toy, and blood are suppose to inspire students to give back and to continue to give back even when school isn’t in session. Working one on one with adults who have been with these charities for years has made me realize that giving back never gets old. I’ll leave you with one wish I have for this holiday season…I wish that those less fortunate than I will experience the happiness and joy that comes with this time of year. Happy holidays everyone!

2010 Toy Drive Results

Total amount of toys donated: 415

Winners of 3rd period competition:  TBA

If you would like to donate any toys or canned food please stop by LOV Newark, located at 36120 Ruschin Drive Newark, CA 94560.

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