3-D takes entertainment to a new level

Keerthika Ramakrishnan
May 9, 2010

Movies have been coming and going. A majority of movies have been appearing in 3-D such as Avatar, Coraline, Alice in Wonderland and Clash of the Titans. Is this the new trend? What is so great about these movies? Why are so many people excited to see these movies?

3-D movies are the next level to the holographic that we see in Star Wars. They give people the wow factor making people feel like they are in the movie itself. In Avatar, everything was more amplified when it was in 3-D.

“3-D movies make even the most boring[est] movie, very exciting to watch.” sophomore Roshelle Czar said.

Since 3-D movies are rarely available for DVDs, we tend to go to the theater to see the movie instead. On the big screen 3D movies have a greater impact then on a small TV screen.

But sometimes movies in 3-D are scarier. Movies like Alice in Wonderland can be seen by everyone, but when it is in 3-D, kids get scared of the illusions flying out at them.

Having 3-D movies like Coraline isn’t enough to entertain us. The next bigt idea is the 3-D televison. Would getting television shows in 3-D cause a decrease of 3D fans in the future because it will become common?

3-D movies seem like a phase but since it is the latest technology, we will only see a rise in 3-D entertainment until there are more advancements that literally put people in the movie.

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One Response to “3-D takes entertainment to a new level”

  1. Beau Lawrence on October 13th, 2011 10:28 pm

    3D movies are sick!!! They make action movies so much more….intriguing!


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