Talent show ‘one of the best’

Noelle Fujii
March 2, 2010

The 18 different talent show acts brought an array of different performances in the cafeteria, Feb. 25 and 26. Both nights sold approximately 100 tickets.

Drama teacher Matthew Ballin was pleased with this year’s show.

“It was great,” Ballin said. “One of our best.”

Talents ranged from music to poetry to dancing. Each performance ended with loud applause from the audience.

Junior Kimberly Valdovinos dropped her fan as she danced to Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi,” but she didn’t let it affect her performance. The audience stood and applauded for her as she ended her dance.

Junior Mario Rappa was the emcee. He introduced each person and his or her talent and added some comedy in between. He rehearsed some of his jokes, but he improvised most of them. Friday’s show had a few technical difficulties, so Rappa had to take the stage until they were fixed.

“It was scary [during the technical difficulties] at first,” Rappa said. “But in the end it was fun.”

The performers enjoyed being on stage.

“I think [the talent show] was good. Everyone performed well,” senior Lorenzo Dominquez said.

Freshman Aileen Liang played the piano and sang “Gravity” by Sarah Bareilles.

“I was nervous at first, but it was good later,” Liang said.

Sophomore Kelsi Ocon performed solo on Friday when the night before she performed a duet with sophomore Kenzi Rushton because Rushton was out of town. Her performance was still followed by applause.

Sophomore Taylor Loosli favored the second act over the first act.

“I really liked the singers,” Loosli said. “They really blew me away!”

Freshman Alice Pham thought the show was fun to watch. Her favorite performances by the Magical Unicorn Rainbow Cruise-Ship and the performers who played guitar solos.

The entire show can be found at whstheater.com .

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