Local San Francisco band rocks out on EP

Raphael Ghieuw Sien
November 9, 2009

San Francisco band, Goodbye Nautilus’ first EP, “Recycled,” is an indie mix of classic rock and a hint of modern pop rock. The band sounds like a mix of The Smiths, The Beatles and Weezer.

The album starts out with the song “Heart,” which is in a classic rock style. As the song progresses, we can hear catchy riffs of keyboard/synthesizer and bass in the background. “Artist Said” and “Norah” both have significantly softer sounds, which are turn-offs for hardcore rock lovers like myself.

The last song on the album is a seven minutes slow song. The song is filled with piano and guitar on the background, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

The highlight of the album is “Simone.” The song starts out with a soft beginning of clean chords and the lead singer and WHS history teacher, Eric Shawn’s voice. About half way through the song, there is a guitar solo which brings the song to its climax. The guitar solo of the song and the singing matches brilliantly and creates a slightly melancholy feeling.

The song lyrics are often colored by confessions of heartbreak and alienation.

This EP by Goodbye Nautilus is now on sale on Amazon.com and iTunes for $4.95. They are also accepting direct orders for $6.25 on their MySpace page, http://www.myspace.com/goodbyenautilus.

Unfortunately, this EP lacks one of the band’s best, catchiest songs, “Damn Japan,” which can be found on the band’s MySpace page.

Although this EP isn’t for those who are looking for hard rock or alternative punk pop, it is thoroughly enjoyable. However, there is still room for improvement to “pump up” some of the songs and make them more energetic. Verdict: B

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